Borneo, Sipadan, Bohey Dulang and Indonesia Trip

Always dreamt of doing a trip to Borneo, which is the second biggest island on earth and has the one of most different variety of species on earth ( Pigmy Elephant, Pigmy Rhinos, Sun bear, Proboscis monkeys etc).. The dream came true on 2015 as Me,Mitali and Jai planned an awesome trip to Borneo and spent 6 amazing days there..We had varied experiences in the trip with Rain Forests, Islands, Scuba's, Marine life, Baja Tribes etc.. Had a very fun filled and knowledge filled trip to Borneo and the trip has few highlights, 

* Diving in Sipadan area, the worlds top 3 place to do a scuba dive. The reef was 
absolutely fantastic with awesome Fishes

* Having a River safari in Bornean forest, the most beautiful Rain forest in the world 
next to Amazon interns of size and wildlife ( Pgymy Elephants, Pygmy Rhino's, 
Proboscis Monkeys, Sun bear, Tapir etc)

* Visiting and Hiking the beautiful Bohey dulang island hill in the Tun Sukran national 
park and visiting other spectacular islands such as Mabul ,Kapalai, Mantabuan and 

*Long time dream to visit the Sea Gypsies of Sabah a very subtle tribe who are cursed 
not to step on lands for 7 generations and they spend most of their lives only in sea

* Tasting all the culinary delicacies of Borneo

The Very Very beautiful Tun Sakaran Marine National park

The Bohey Dulang Island which has a 600m hill from where the Reef and Hills are Absolutely wonderful

Home Stays at the Mabul Island

This one shot at the Mantabuan Island

Sun getting down in a golden Fashion

Playing with the Long Exposure

The Sky as beautiful as it gets in the Kalapai islands

These 2 guys swam with us in the Sipadan Dive

The Long tailed monkey of Borneo in a Angry Monkey mood

The beautiful Canopy of the Bornean Rain Forest

I can Stay High always... The Brahmini Kite of Borneo

The cool Jellyfishes and it was the season where we found millions joining the sea from the Bornean river

A Sad moment as the rain arrived for the Chang Pei ho ( The Chinese name for the monkey)

A long wait to see this special Monkey only Indigenous to Borneo, The Proboscis monkeys

 A Bajau Tribe dance to End the day

How Many star fishes you want??

The Bajau Village kids

The bad Guy who eats most of the cats in the Island..

This Sweetie was playing food making game and the shy smile she gave for the pose was priceless :)

Aren't they hot??

Fun time playing skipping with the kids of the Bajau Tribal village

Dont miss the Morray eel..

The Indonesian Sea Gypsy, They are cursed not to land in water till some 7 generations.

I can smell something is cookinggg....

Wow Lobsters were sold for peanuts :)

 A Typical Sea gypsy village after their curse is over

Visiting Directions :
This is a detailed itinerary so please mail me or comment to get the actual details :) Keep Travelling

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