The Dashing Dibbagiri and its ancient temple

On a beautiful day we planned for a early morning fitness trek and chose some hills around Kolar but last min one of the guy who is supposed to come couldn't join so we 3 planned for a last minute change to visit and hike the last and least hiked hills around the Nandi hills. For people who know Nandi hills and Skandagiri, there are actually 5 hills surrounding Nandi hills namely Skandagiri, Channagiri, Horagina Betta, Nandi giri and finally the Dibbagiri. I have been to all 4 and for some reason dint showed interest on the final one as it looked smaller comparing to the other ones around. 

As we were only 3 and this place is closer to our home we finalized this place and started at 5.45 from home and as usual a quick breakfast break at the Sivasakthi tiffin rooms for some hot Bansirava kharabath and masala vada.

We almost reached the place (1 km before) around 6.55am and there was the one surprise waiting us here as we followed the Google maps and right at the direction we stopped near a Military base check post and we were not sure if google maps was taking us in the wrong direction for a minute.

The Military officer in the check post asked where we want to go and I said to the temple at the peak and for our surprise they noted down our vehicle and let us in. Im still not sure if this trek can be done without permission or to our luck they let us in that day. Kindly check at the check post once before doing this Trek that whether the temple at the peak can be accessed.

Post the check post we drove around 1km passing through military camps and finally reached the base which had a nice temple, we parked the car there and started our trek. Initially the place has steps till half way mark and post that a easy trail to reach the half of the peak where there was some quite beautiful things present. The trek till the temple was so green, misty and easy and takes about 20 mins.

Near the temple half way, there is a beautiful cave pond with some beautiful sculptures carved out of stone and for sure this will be very old ones. After spending some time we left the middle peak and started to go up towards the main peak. Actually there are two peaks here and the left one has a very old temple and a pond at the peak so we reached the one with temple first.

This temple is very old, at-least 200 years old and has some statues and realised that pooja was done recently.. Spending some time at the pond at the peak we then moved to the another peak to the right which was very dense grasslands and gave the views of Nandi hills and other hills in the surrounding. This peak can be skipped if the first trek is satisfying and fulfilling.

Spending about 20 mins at the other peak we started to descend with the plan of reaching home early and starting the work. It took about 35 mins to reach the base and while descending down we heard the military people practising with gun shots in the shooting range inside the campus and it gave us some chills...  With beautiful memories we started back to Bangalore with another refreshing trek...

The final 1km post the checkpost

The Temple at the base

The Initial steps to the peak

Green views on the ascend

Some rest to cherish the misty and coolness around

The Pond and Sculptures at the mid temple

Thats the temple at the midway

Crossing a small dense jungle to reach the peak

Final push to the peak

The Ancient Temple at the peak

Pooja was done recently

Ruined but still stays

The Pond at the peak

The right side peak and the Nandi hills to the left

Moving towards right peak

Reached right peak

Descending back to the base

Beautiful scenes

Sun Peaking out

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  1. Pls update with Google maps location. Want to visit these all places but can't find out in Google maps