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Sapiophile, Dendrophile, Misanthropist, Thoreauvian, Zoophilist, Shutterbug & Hardcore Wanderlust:)

Hi Guys, thanks a lot to visiting my blog and spending some time on it, I would love to tell few things about me and share my experiences with you, I never understood the fact why I use to score 90% in history and geography subjects in my school but failed badly at maths may be that was a hint I loved Nature and Travelling and will end up with a passion of Nature conservation and Globe trotting..

I have done my Engineering and have also did my Masters in Australia and thats where it all began the habit of exploring mother nature around me... Coming back to India I decided to look around all the astonishing places of my country and then slowly started to roam the world also.. I also have a small nature group called as " The Law of Nature" with the members support have planted 4500 trees around Karnataka and Tamil Nadu and have also removed tons of plastics from Biologically Important junctions and Animal reserves.

My dream is to dedicate myself in winning the war over banning plastics and also to plant as much as trees as possible. I like to conserve water for the poor farmers and also to connect farmers with direct consumers. Thanks for listening to my story and on the lighter note I love to explore all the delicacies around the world and also a big foodie... Keep in touch and let's make this world a beautiful place for the future generations, #Vannakam, #Jaihind

Love to be a Naturalist, Love wildlife, Love Photography, Misanthropist and a Hardcore Traveler.

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  1. very nice. is there a group going w you?

    1. Yes I run a small nature group called the Law of Nature....

  2. Hi, impressed as I am also a sapiophile. How to connect with your group?

  3. How to join the group????