Trek to the Elephant Corridor of Ponnuthu Amman

The third day of our Coimbatore trek after coming back from Avalanche Lake we planed to visit the unique and Elephant filled Ponnuthu Amman forest temple which is closer to Ramesh Ji's home.

We woke at 5.30am and about 6.15 reached the base of Ponnuthu Amman temple when it was super misty and windy. The Ponnuthu Amman temple is around 2kms deep inside the forest and famous for its waterfall theertha where Elephants regularly come for drinking water.

When we reached the base the local villagers were asking us to be careful as they saw an Elephant herd crossing the path few mins back and to backup their claim there was just a hugee pile of fresh dung with smoke out suggesting it was just few minutes back the Elephants have dumped.

We took a slow and steady walk for those 2 kms to reach the temple inside the forest and each minute was thrilling as we were anticipating Elephants jumping on us anytime :D

After a 25 mins brisk and thrilling walk we reached the old temple which is on a small hill and has a beautiful waterfall Theertha which forms a pond inside which the cave temple is formed.

We sat there in silence and serenity for 30 mins and this place is very vibey for sure and gave me lot of positive vibes and I closed my eyes and meditated for some time. The waterfall also had descent waterflow and they informed the cave temple never runs out of water.

Post the silence and meditation we trekked a km above the temple where we can see the beautiful Kurudi hill view point which is a very huge and scintillating peak.

Post the temple trek around 11am we started back to Bangalore taking the Ooty road to have some Padhaneer on the way and also seeing some Elephants on the Masinagudi - Bandipur route. Another pleasant and happy trip for me and the group.

The initial forest path

The Few steps to climb up the temple

The temple from a higher view

The Temple and the Theertha

The View of Huge Kurudi Hills

The Waterfall and the Teertham

The Ponnuthu Amman :)

Having some Padhaneer and Nungu

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