Rangasthalam, Kethabyraveshwara and Srinivasa Sagara Dam trip

 I love exploring, which we means we take our car and roam around in intresting places to bring out the unknown and hidden gems around us in Mother natures lap.. This trip was a lovely one as we first hit the Rangasthalam temple in Chikkaballapur...

Just about 60 km from Bangalore, the temple also called “Rangasthala” is located on the way to Gauribidanur from Chikkaballapur.   An architectural marvel, the structure of the temple is splendid and has been built predominantly in the Vijayanagar style with influences from the Dravidian school of architecture as well.

Dedicated to Lord Ranganatha, the main deity is about 4 and half feet long and is carved out of a single “Saligrama” stone. History has it that the idols of this temple as well as that of Srirangam and Srirangapatna were installed on the same day. A unique feature of the “Garbha griha” or sanctum sanctorum is that, it is in the shape of a bamboo basket. We also did a small hike to the betta behind the temple but due to exhausting sun stopped and came back..

The next stop was the Kethabyraveshwara temple which is hidden surrounded by hills and this temple has a beautiful pond and is very vibrant under blue skies...After the temple we spent some time at the Srinivasa Sagara dam which also has beautiful waterfalls when it overflows...

The highlight of the day came when we took the alternative village routes to reach back and we were very lucky to cross a lake which was overflowing on the road..All together lovely day..

Route map :

Bangalore - Rangasthalam temple - Kethabyraveshwara temple - Small trek to the back of the temple - Srinivasa sagara dam - Lake crossing on the way - Bangalore

The beautiful Rangasthalam Temple

The Lovely Sculptures

The hill we trekked behind the temple

The cute pond of Byraveshwara temple

The Srinivasa Sagara Dam

The Waterfall the dam creates by overflowing

The Lake Crossing

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