The Flowing Dam waterfalls of Kunigal

Bangalore just witnessed an Epic Rains last monsoon and got the info that even Jayamangali river which was dry for 40 years also had gushing water in it. Knowing the fact this rain will surely fill all the small check dams and make beautiful water falls we planned for this Twin Dam waterfalls near Kunigal ( Bellur Cross)..

We checked two beautiful dam waterfalls Nelligere Dam and Dummasandra check dam which are 10 kms apart from each other and around 100 kms from Bangalore.. Nelligere is acessible through a private farm and Dummasandra deep inside a village with a beautiful white lotus pond lake.

Both the checkdams had hugeeee water outflow and had perfect places to take bath with the fresh clean water gushing out.. We took bath in both the dams and enjoyed a pleasant monsoon day.. Kindly plan this only around October to November when the rains are more.

Google Maps :

Dummasandra checkdam Waterfalls

Nelligere checkdam Waterfalls

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