The Sunset Dreams of Krishnagiri Fort


Post our drive to Gidigi falls (Last Post)  we then drove to Vaniyambadi and had plans to visit couple of more falls in the ghat section which covers Vaniyambadi back to Kolar but we were stopped at checkpost telling there is a land slide and asked us to take the Krishnagiri route back to Bangalore.

We were hungry so visited the Khaja Hotel of Vaniyambadi had stupendous Biriyani and then planned to visit the Krishnagiri fort on the way back to Bangalore but there were some surprises waiting for us...

Due to historical rains in that area river Palar was overflowing after 20 years and whichever route we took we were blocked due to the overflowing river and even on bridges but finally after taking 3 to 4 deviations we finally hit the Vaniyambadi to Krishnagiri highway and reached the base of Krishnagiri fort around 5pm..

Many told us it takes 1.5 hrs to reach the top and it gets dark so dont try now but knowing the fitness of our group we took a challenge and started ascending very quick and thanks for doing this we were gifted with amazing sunset skies and beautiful orange clouds around when we started to go higher and higher.

Thanks to the recent rains there were small streams running in the steps and also we saw a thin and small waterfall in the rock too.. With sunset in mind we rushed to the peak and thanks to our energy, perseverance and eagerness to burn the noon Biriyani just in 30 mins we reached the peak.

Initially we took the right path at the peak and checked out the grasslands at the right corner and more than expected the peak is quite huge at the top. then after that we climbed even more and visited the Dharga at the top and sat there for 20 mins enjoying the beauty of Sun going down after a hot and hardday it had. It was quite a scene to witness and when we started from the peak to descend it got dark quite soon and with the help of mobile phone torches we reached the base around 45 mins and then stopped the car on highway for a quick juice and cherish the beautiful day we had....

The Sunset scenes

The Initial Climb

Vim Enjoying with her ancestors

Kavin making a Potato symbol :P

The initial climbing in Steps

The Dargha at the peak

The Grasslands at the Right side of the Peak

Temple Midway

The Small waterfall stream

The Awesome lunch at Khaja hotel, Vaniyambadi

The Night Scenes of Krishnagiri from Midway

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