Emerald and Avalanche Lake in peak Winter and a nice Tea

Post our waterfalls exploration around the Western Catchment area ( Previous post) We travelled further to explore the lovely lakes of Avalanche and Emerald which are kind of conjoined lakes.. On the way towards the twin lakes we also saw some beautiful landscapes with green terrain at the ground and beautiful vibrant blue skies portraying pretty nice scenes. We were also lucky to spot a Lion tailed macaque at one of the trees on the way

We first visited the Avalanche lake and being early summer the water was way less but the climate suddenly changed and got very misty and cooler.. We also spent some time at the banks of the Emerald lake.

Ramesh Ji then shared the idea of driving and visiting Mr Shantha Kumar who is our friend for a very long time and is the MD of the Destiny Farm stay near Avalanche Lake and which is also among one of the Top 10 most beautiful resorts in India.

We had to drive about 3 kms of Off roading to the resort and Ramesh Ji's Bolero Camper handled it like a charm.. After meeting Shantha Kumar sir we were invited to have some amazing 10 varieties of tea and snacks they were providing at the evening.

We sat in a beautiful wooden bench sipped the hot and lovely Mint herbal tea with some pipping spicy Samosa's enjoying the beautiful and magical sunset the earth was producing for it. It was one of the best conversation we had till now.

Post the Conversation we said a big bye and thanks to Destiny farm stay and started back to Coimbatore with happiness filled heart..

Location :


Destiny Farm Location :


The Avalanche Lake with less water in early summer

The Elusive Lion Tailed Macaque

Lovely Landscapes on the way

The Emerald Lake

The Bench

The Scenic Tea Plantations

The Tea that made our Day

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