Kodi Bengere Beach - The Seychells of the South India

Post our waterfall exploration around  Kollur 4pm we had initial plans to visit few more waterfalls and when we were checking the maps we realised how close we are to the Arabian Ocean and the fun of making the trip vibrant with some beaches and colorful sunsets made us very excited and we started our vehicle to the Kodi Bengere beach which is a very beautiful beach for the scenic views and vibrant sunsets..

We reached the beach about 4.30pm and saw how spectacular the place is just for the fact we were covered with 2 sides of water bodies as the Arabian ocean to the Left and the Sita river to the right. This beach is where the River Sita joins the ocean.

The beach looked very much like a Goa styled ones with Coconut trees at the shore and rocks around the beach... There was a particular Island like a place with backwater getting stored and it gave a feel of Maldives in the Twilight hours. There was also a beautiful textured sand dunes closer to the beach for some spectacular photography moments..

We spent about an hour taking a dip in the ocean and waiting for the magical sunset and as expected we had a golden sunset with various colors peaking out and making us very satisfied with a lovely day. Post the sunset we started the Journey to Udupi to have some costal delicacies and the tasty chilly Panneer of the Woodlands hotel.

The rocks in the beach

South Goa feel to the place

The beautiful Textured Dunes

Its all about the directions we take in life

Wow out of world Experience

He had a beautiful dusk than us

The final Hues of the day before sun went inside full

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