The stunning Greens of Sri Chandra mouleshawara Betta

The Crazy Explorer in me kicked off once again and we planned to hike to the lesser known trail called as the Chandra Mouleshwara betta temple near Kolar which has an amazing and beautiful temple at the peak. We planned this trip on a lovely August month and also wanted to combine this trip with the early morning Hoskote biriyani and we believed that having biriyani and then burning it with a trek is a great combination :P 

We started around 5.30 in the morning with Kishore and then picked our beloved Ganesh on the way and stopped at the one of the Dum biriyani near Hoskote toll. I tasted this much hyped biriyani for the first time and for all the hype it created and for a very very personal opinion I dint found the biriyani to be great. They use sheep so basically its very fatty and hard to chew. Coming from an User experience background I can understand these are all about the experience of waking up early and having biriyani as early as 4 pm but with the taste it stayed average. I have always been a fan of Ya Moideen and Buhari biriyani in Chennai....

Post the heavy biriyani and a portion of Kaal soup, we reached the base of the betta around 7.15am where a temple is present and asked the priest how to reach the peak and he guided us with the right route. This place is 16 kms before Kolar and in a village named Kendatti...

We started our trek and I believe that  not many have done this trek in recent time and the path was with fully grown grass and initial phase was tough to navigate though the trail was very clear. We lost the path several times due to the fully grown grass and trail was difficult to see.

In 30 mins we reach almost to the 3/4th way and the trail got even interesting with 6 feet of fully grown grass. After navigating through them and about 50 mins of the trek we reached the peak and we were stunned to see a beautiful temple and a lovely temple tree next to it. We took a nice 20 min nap at the temple and enjoyed the greenery and silence the place offered, I should say this is one of the greenest trek I would suggest around Bangalore in Monsoon.

This place will be quite tough for Kids and Elders and fit individuals can try this out. From the peak temple there is one more small trail to the top most peak and with 10 mins trek even that can be possible.

We started to descend down and at few places it was little slippery on the rocks due to rains few days back but in about 45 to 50 mins reached the base and spent some time at the base temple relaxing.

We started back to Bangalore around 10am and had a small stop near Hoskote Vegetable market to get some stuffs at much lower price than Bangalore and a Sugarcane juice to quench our thirst...

We reached Sahakaranagar around 11.30 am with amazing memories of a beautiful trip.

The beautiful  Sri Chandramouleshawara Temple 
The Temple at the base

Initial dense Trail

Passing through some shrubs

View from Half way mark

An ancient Dolmen kind of structure

Beautiful Green Grasslands

Million dollar smile of our Lord Ganesh

Reaching the Temple

The Lovely and colorful temple at the peak

Starting back

Some rocks to Slide

Some vegetable shopping at Hoskote toll

The Much hyped Hoskote Biriyani

Never waste food and let it go to a hungry stomach instead of dustbin

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  1. Looks short and amazing. Unable to locate this place. Please help with google map for this location. Thanks