Shri Rama Betta and Historic Manne Village

On a beautiful Sunday among a drizzly early morning we planned for a short trek with Kids. Me along with Rakesh, Kavin, Vimarsha ,both the Kids Kavin and Nethran started around 6am from Sahakaranagar and our initial plan was to reach the Yogaswamy betta near Dobbaspet and had a quick breakfast in the Tumkur road..

We reached the base of the Yogaswamy betta and it still was drizzling and the Peak was covered with Mist and we all got ready with Umbellas to start our trek. Suddenly few villagers came and informed us that there are lots of Bears in the hill and even few days back attacked the villagers who went for cattle grazzing. 

Hearing this story and kids around we thought safety is the utmost priority and thought of climbing some other near by peaks such as Heggunda or Rama betta. We just walked a km seeing the greenery of Yogaswamy betta and then started our vehicle to the Rama betta which is around 8kms from the place.

We reached the base of Rama betta and realized its a very small and beautiful hill and will be apt for the kids ( 4 and 3 yrs old) to climb themselves without much support. We parked the car and started our trek and within  no time of 20 mins we reached the peak and its a very hill to climb actually.

On the peak there is a lovely Rama temple and the views are very beautiful from the peak as we can see the mighty Shivagange, Nijagal betta, Devrayana Durga all from the peak as a glimpse..

There is also a small creek at the peak  with water and we spent 30 mins at the peak enjoying the mist, silence and breeze it offered. The peak offered beautiful flowers blooming in Red, Yellow owing to Monsoon and we were able to capture some nice shots..Opposite to this peak there is also another small hill and we thought we will also cover that one while getting down.

We got down, started to climb the other one opposite and it just took us 10 mins to reach this one and this peak had a nice grasslands and a beautiful view of Nijagal betta opposite…

We spent about 20 mins here taking some pics and showing the kids the insects and bird life around. Post this we started to Manne, which is a historic village and with 3 old temples was once the bustling capital of the Ganga dynasty which ruled the region from 350 AD to 1000 AD, Today Manne remains in Shambles and Neglected.The Gangas are one amongst the many strong dynasties that ruled Karnataka during the 9th - 12th Centuries. They started their rule with Kolar as their capital, then shifted to Manyapura and finally Talakad.

This village is having lot of historical place which built by cholas. They built lot of temples and lake. Even "Mannemma temple " is old power full goddess. Lot of devotee visit this temple every day. There is also a Kapileshwara gudi temple about 400 meters from the Manamma temple...



Post spending about 30 mins in the temple we started back to Bangalore for a much needed Sunday lunch and rest...

The Beautiful views at the peak

Kids for the day

The Initial walk to the Yogaswammy betta

Stopping the Trek to Yogaswamy betta due to the fear of Bears with Kids around

Starting our Trek to the Shri Rama Betta

Beautiful initial path and sun playing Hide and Seek

Kids loved the easy trek and climb

The climb to the Rama betta

In just about 15 mins walk we reached the peak

The Shri Rama temple at the peak

Inside the Temple

The creek at the Peak

The beautiful flowers of Monsoon

The other side with Yellow flowers

The Climb to the other peak

Passing through a small patch of forest

Thats the beautiful view at the second peak

The Temple at the Manne Village

Inside the Ruins

One more temple of the Ganga Dynasty

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  1. every week I wait for travel update on your blog so as to plan for next weekend. wonderfully written. Thanks so much.
    After seeing your blog, me and my kids plan for the spot and go for trekking every weekend.

    1. Thanks Brother, There are another 8 posts to be posted in the blog and this year there will be 50+ trips for sure

  2. Hey.. Enjoyed reading ur blog.. Il will plan for this place, keep posting.. Being a nature lover I love to explore places as well..