Drive to Benki Falls, Urigam, Anchetty and Jawalagiri

A monsoon drive to the wildlife rich areas of Denkanikottai, Anchetty, Jawalagiri, Benki falls and Urigam..This drive was on a beautiful rainy monsoon day and we witnessed peace, calm and serenity in these areas..

Unfortunately we couldnt spot much of wildlife but the place should be great for wildlife under the drier summer months.. We trekked to the Benki falls and also hiked to the Durgam mountain temple...The place is around 70kms from Bangalore and can be completed as a day trip...

The road from Denkanikottai to Urigam is quite scenic and has lots of forest stretch and lakes around.. Urigam is a hill area and needs some hilly climb, on the way back we came via Malikarjunadurgam and the mountain temple was quite spectacular for a short hike...

Route map :

The Lovely strech between Thalli and Anchetty

Thalli - The scotland and rose yard of TN

The Benki falls also called as the Firefalls

The Art of Making Silk

The forest stretch between Anchetty and Denkanikotai

The hilly side of Urigam which is a heavy wildlife, especially Elephant belt

The far view of Malikarjuna Durgam Hill temple

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