Malekallu Tirupathi, Arisikere and Belavadi Heritage Trip

This is a very special Hoysala heritage trip where we witnessed some most beautiful and lesser popular temples of the Hoysala kings.. First we visited the Malekallu Tirupathi which has a huge temple at the base and a temple at the peak which has 1250 stairs leading to the top...

Hoysala empire was such majestic builders and the flourished with art and architecture to the most...Veera Ballala 2 was the master mind for creating the series of temple in the region...

After visiting the both the upper and lower temples of Malekallu Temple which took about 3 hrs...The upper temple is a trek and won't suit elders much so they can stick with the lower temple... Then we witnessed the Arisikere Chandra Mouleswara temple which is 2 kms away and then we headed to the Belavadi Sri Veera narayanaswamy temple ,which for me is the most beautiful among the Belur and Halibeedu ones.. Fortunately the crowd was less and we were able to take some good snaps.. This was a one day trip of about 480 kms from Bangalore...

People who haven't visited Belur and Halabeedu can skip Malekallu upper trek temple and instead can add Belur and Halabeedu as well for a day trip...

Places covered :

Arisikere Malekallu Tirupathi both up and down temples

Chandra Mouleswara temple of Arisikere

Belavadi veera natayanaswamy temple 

Halabeedu temple

Route map:

Bangalore - Arisikere - Belavadi - Halabeedu - Bangalore - 480 kms

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