A drive to my farm in Poomparai - A Green Initiative by Green Organic Community

Its a dream for everyone in IT and other fields to own a farm one day and start farming and cultivating food and consumables by ourself and that long time dream is now fulfilled with Green Organic community of Kodaikanal giving me and my friends to own a beautiful piece of land few kms from Kodaikanal and in a stunning village called as Poomparai.... I really want this to gift to my kid who might have a very bad environment in the cities of India in the future and can save himself with a beautiful piece of land never short of water and greenery around with purest of Oxygen...

Our Farm is beautifully situated on a valley very much away from human disturbances but the village is just a stone throwing distance form the farm.. It takes approx 10 mins to walk to our farm from the car park and the Views are so stunning we never have the heart to come back..

Whats more stunning is our farm also has a private waterfall and even in dry season as Feb it was brimming with water and taking a fresh water bath there is mind-blowing...We can also camp here in the night with some camp fire and trek around to check one more huge waterfalls around..

The green organic community helps people like us to buy small parts of farms for a minimal cost and they also help us to plant, cultivate and maintain the farm with man power and amazing security. They are a complete nature and organic group and never use any chemicals to nutrition the plants..

  I should thank Mr Sendhil and Mr Vasu sir who has always been a supporting factor for us in motivating and doing any help we need in the farm and very shortly they will also help us in planting intercrops such as Original Mountain Garlic which is extremely medicinal in value and other items such as green peas, beets and other exotic mountain hill crops which are specific only to Kodaikanal zone..

Apart from Avocado plantations, the farm also has other kind of trees such as Ram seeta, Peaches, Lemons, Bublimas etc and we never return back home from the farm with Empty hands..

What can be amazing than taking bath in our own personal waterfall and when there is no one to disturb...

If any one is really interested in joining the community with a small piece of land in the most stunning area in South with amazing views do ping me @ 8971909806 and will be glad to assist you... More than us our next generation deserves the best of food,air, water and environment..

Note : Green Organic community is not a promotional real estate group and only arranges land and maintains for interested people who like to stay from huzzle buzzle of the polluted cities and who are really interested in doing farming and securing/Investing in their kids future. This piece of land is not for common real estate people :)

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  1. Inspirational Nature dedication. Amazed by your future view. Kudos bro

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