Monsoon Sahyadris Part II - Subedhar, Bhimashankar and Kalavatin Durg

பச்சை நிறமே பச்சை நிறமே,இச்சை ஊட்டும் பச்சை நிறமே,புல்லின் சிரிப்பும் பச்சை நிறமே,எனக்கு சம்மதம் தருமே

There is a very famous lyrics in uyire movie, which says " Unnodu nan Konda bandham, Mazhaiodu mann konda Sondham, kaaindhalum adi eeram enjum" I dedicate this lines to my bond with Sahayadris mountain ranges...This means the bond I have with waterfalls is like Soil having a bond with Rain and even if the top dries out, there is wetness under...

Have been to 37+ countries and almost every state to India but one trip a year to the Sahayadri mountain ranges of Pune and around is my most most most favourite destination in the whole world...This time we also added Ellora cave temple a Unesco Center to our plan and spent 4 beautiful green days visiting amazing water falls and we should have atleast seen and explored 50+ waterfalls and also trekked to kalvatin Durg the most dangerous trek of India... Not to forget to most amazing set of guys whom I travelled with and just to say I enjoyed this trip in and out..

Places to see :

1) Matheran waterfalls
2) Subhedar waterfalls
3) Ashane waterfalls
4) Dhodani waterfalls
5) Matheran Dam
6) Siddhagad Fort
7) Machindragad Fort
8) Prabalgad Fort
9) Tapalwadi Waterfalls

Route Map : 

Pune - Lonavala - Matheran - Mhasa

The first waterfall near Matheran

Falls on the way to Bhimashankar

The trek to the Kalavatin Durg, the most dangerous fort of Mahrarastra

The mighty Peak of Kalavatin Durg

The view from the Top of the Kalavatin Durg

The falls near Matheran

The Ashane Waterfalls

The dam near Matheran

Tapalwadi Waterfalls

The Subhedar waterfalls

The lovely country side of Maharastra

River crossing fun

Falls near Machindragad fort

Wow that was a beautiful unnamed falls

Falls on the way to Matheran


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