The Scenic and Vibrant Sikkim

Well after the Bhutan trip was done and dusted we continued our travel to Sikkim and we were under the impression that we have seen the most beautiful hill location already but Sikkim proved us wrong with its magical beauty..
Sikkim was in-fact more beautiful and adding vibrancy to every angle. We did the Gangtok - Tsomogo lake - Nathula pass after getting the permits and ooo boy that was a such a blue icy drive.. The tsomogo lake was fully frozen and we did hike to near by peaks to check the full view...
We also covered some beautiful and colorful places such as Rhumtek Monastery, Hanuman tok, Bhanjakari waterfalls, Tashi view point from where Kanchenjunga was beautifully viewed and other areas...
The highlight of the trip was seeing some beautiful wild animals such as Himalayan red panda and Leopard cat.....

Places Covered :
Gangtok - Tashi View point - Bhanjakari Falls - Tsomogo lake - Baba Mandir - Nathula Pass - Hanuman tok - Rhumtek Monastery - MG Marg - Baghdogra

India is a diverse multicultural country and I am a passionate traveler. The meticulously planned trip to
the northeast part of India, gave us two days to explore the beautiful Sikkim. After being enthralled with
Bhutan’s splendid hospitality and nature, we were up for a surprise. Sikkim surprised us with its luscious
greenery, breathtaking landscape, awesome weather conditions and humbling hospitality.

I plan my trips methodically. It is always a mix of both fun and knowledge. Each trip is divided into two
halves: one is to cover as many well-known tourist spots as possible. Two is to explore the nooks and
crannies of the place. Let me share my itinerary here for the two days trip we did.

The sacred mani wheels of Monasteries 
The Kanchenjunga view form Tashi point

Well there is much said about these places. It was obvious, a nature lover like me to instantly fall in love with the nature. The colors and waterfalls were just too good to resist. Going on trips is a personal experience, even though one travels in a group.

               The beautiful Bhanjakari falls

Banjhakri Falls is near Gangtok. The whole group got thrilled seeing the waterbody. It felt as if we were invited for a party. We would have played in the waters for little while, but the water was super cold. The park was a relief for our kids played around.

Leopard cats in Outskirts of Gangtok
The beautiful Himalayan Red panda
Leopard during a trek in the Slopes of Gangtok

Gangtok – The capital city of Sikkim and the base hikers. A small trek in this place was much
rejuvenating. We had all the permits and passes done up during the planning and it was an experience
you should not miss. The Buddhist temples are colorful and peaceful. They make your soul grow calm.

Ever you plan a trip to Sikkim, do not miss the Rhumtek Monastery and more such monasteries. Why is it important? One need not be an atheist to visit a monastery, it is like I said – an experience. Spice up your life with such enriching adventures.

The slope view of Gangtok
The Frozen Lake of Tsomogo

 Trailing from there, we reached Hanuman Tok, the Hindu temple managed by the Army. The highlight of the first day was the Tashi view point. We could see the mighty Kanchenjunga and other place from this point. It was simply mind numbing. To close the day, we stopped at yet another MG Marg (MG Road) of the country and bought some memorabilia.

The View of Gangtok on the way to Nathula Pass
The Yak

After the much-needed rest, we freshened up in our rooms, ate food and started to explore Sikkim with a renewed energy. Tsomogo lake was our first destination and it was frozen. Wish I knew ice skating, it would have been fun to do an Elsa or Sven with kids. Small hikes to the nearby peaks did give an adrenaline rush. With pumped up energy we visited Baba mandir and the famous Nathul La, the trade border of India-China.

Trek to the highest point of Tsomogo lake

During our treks and hikes, we managed to spot many wildlife that is native to this region. Himalayan
Red panda, snow leopard, common langur, Yaks, Jungle cat, etc., were a treat to our eyes and the
shutter bug in me had two brilliant field days.

During our stay we ate noodles, Momos, Thupa, and one unforgettable sweet called Dudhsagar. Am not a sweet-tooth, yet this is a dish one should not miss while in Sikkim. Ending our second day in Sikkim, we headed back to our cities, carrying a ton of memories to cherish for life.

The Sacred Wheels

The Colorful Buddhist Monasteries

Traveling is an emotion, an experience. Just follow these tips to make your trip a memorable one for life.

1) Travel Light – Always pack light while travelling
2) Explore local cuisine
3) Live in the moment
4) Take treks and hikes
5) Visit Buddhist monasteries and temples
6) Breathe in the misty fresh air
7) Do not miss out the tourist spots

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  1. Beautiful, scenic and breathtakingly brilliant.

  2. Bro, Stunning Pics. I relived the places again through your lenses

    1. Thanks brother...Kindly let me know if any feedback on the article:)

  3. Replies
    1. Yes we were eager to spot Himalayan monal but we did spot a silver pheasant but was unable to click as it went very fast