Kabini and the Tigress on the roar

Yes after a long time I was able to spot a lovely Tigress in our Kabini Trip in April 2021.. The first 2 safari's we couldn't spot anything substantial but in our final safari of the day were able to witness this majestic creature near a waterhole and we took 20 mins to observe it and enjoyed it to the core taking various snaps...

Other wildlife spotted



Black woodpecker, Green bee eater, Serpent Eagle, Flameback, Peafowl, Jungle fowl,Brahminy Kite, Hawk Eagle, Long tailed Shrike, Indian and OMP Robin and Indian Roller.

Sambar, Chital, Wild boar and Barking Deer

Lion tailed Macaque, Hanuman Langur and Bonnet Macaque

Stripped Mongoose etc

We also had amazing breakfast in Bidadi ( The authentic Bidadi Thatte idly and Masala vada) and then we finished the trip with a lovely lunch in Mysore's RRR where the tasted the famous Chicken Pulav.. All together one more amazing trip.

How Majestic she is

The Early morning Safari vibes

She is giving this tongue out smiley for the visitors

Bidadi Tatte Idly

Our Farm stay

The Gang

Elephant Cooling Off

the Famous Pulav of Mysore's RRR


Forest awakening


Malabar Giant Squirrel

The Lion Tailed Macaque

The Barking Deer

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