Kutty Kavin and his world of Nature, Travel and Animals

March 2nd 2017 and I have got the biggest promotion in my life as a Father which I cherish as the best role in my Life... I always believed that Humans had free will and doesn't have to be cared much like the way I care for animals as we slave them and use them for our needs but my life changed after my son was born.

We named him as Kavin Sarathy, which means Purity and Beauty in Ancient Tamil and right from the moment he was born my each actions in life started revolving around him. I started to believe that more than caring for anyone we have to carry our kids as we bring them to this world filled with selfishness and pain everywhere around and have to raise them compassionately and safely..

Right from the day he was born I took an oath that more than making him another burden to mother Earth I will raise him as someone who will provide lot of value to the environment around him.

Right from he was a 4 month baby I started to take him around trips and showed as much as Nature as possible to him keeping him mostly away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.. We used to take him to walks inside GKVK very often and also to the Avalahalli state forest which is near to our home. We made a small garden for him at home and asked him to take care of it by seeding the plants and harvesting them right from the age of 2. 

We also took him to all the tree plantation and bird watching programmes we did so that he starts loving the nature around him and choose a simple beautiful nature based life when he grows up. Each of his birthdays are spent in Animal shelters sponsoring the days food and medical supplies needed and made sure he volunteered there regularly.

Now with 6 years old, Kavin has travelled 23 countries in his 6 years, 10+ States of India, Did about 75 treks, Planted about 300 Trees, Attended 10+ plastic picking events and has spent lot of days in Animal Shelter and Gaushala's doing service to the other species of mother nature. His future wish is to become a Biologist and save the species which are getting extinct at an Alarming rate.

I have also bought a farm land for him in Kodaikanal where Avocado trees are planted and will make his future better when he grows up and also we purchased a small farm land near Nandi hills where me and Kavin have planted 102 varieties of fruits and vegetable plants and do weekend farming :) 

A medical article suggest that Kids should see lots of greenery and nature per week so that their brain development is smooth and their cognitive skills develops very fast. I request you all to give your kids plenty of Nature and raise them in a very compassionate way so they can save the earth from lot of issues.


The water and resources we used today are the ones which belong to our Grand childrens and we have already used all their resources so its high time we raise kids who understand the essence of nature conservation and who will lead a peaceful nature surrounded life than to live in concrete jungles and polluted environments. Plus teaching them compassion to all lives will make them a better citizens and humans when they grow up.

Thanks for reading this patiently and loads of love to your kids too :) The best gift we can give to our kids is a peaceful and safe environment with good water and oxygen..

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