Alampatty,Vasiyapara,Chinnar and Marayoor Trip

A very very special trip Indeed.. This was a time when Ramjee sir and Dakshina sir took us to some amazing places in the Marayoor/Chinnar region.. We trekked and stayed in a unique place so so away from humans and deep inside the wild zone reserve.. Saw so many wildlife forms, waterfalls and species...Also the speciality was visiting the prehistoric Dolmen sites and prehistoric rock paintings deep inside the caves..

At last have uploaded the pics from the Chinnar,Marayoor and Vasiyapara Trip.Still some more pics to come from Ramjee Sir's SLR. This trip was one of the Amazing and informative trips I have ever had for the reason I learnt a lot from Ramjee Sir and Dhakshina Sir about the Bio diversity of nature. Initially I had the ...core love for Wildlife and did not bother much about the Birds,Insects and plants but Dhakshina sir who is a director in WWF north Kerala just thought me how much a forest means to everyone and even a small butterflies extinction could cause a serious threat to the Biodiversity of Nature. Forest are the main sources of water and without them rain wont be possible and even water wont be stagnating in the dams and it will run fast to the sea causing floods.Butterflies are the main reason for cross pollination of trees and plants and their extinction could post serious threat to Forest and also the homosapiens... We stayed in a forest guest house in middle of moist decidious forests and wild life..we trekked nearly 7-8 kms in the steepy hills to reach there and from their camp fire,view and dinner was amazing...A special thanks to Ramjee sir,dhakshina sir and my dear friend Binoj... Its all our Duty to conserve Forest and stop illegal poaching..

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