Dattapeeta, Baba Budhangiri and Butterfalls trek trip

This beautiful trek started with 3 guys, Me, Selva and Durga Prasad on a lovely week end. We started the drive on 15th saturday morning 7 am in my alto and without much Traffic problems reached Nelemangala around 8.15 am and then the car zipped towards Hassan. We had a very heavy breakfast on the way and we loved the Dosa and Sambar they provided.. Loving the vada and sambar, Durga ate 4 vadas at a time :)

Driving Directions :

Bangalore - Nelemangala - Hassan - Belur - Chikmangalur - Mulayangiri- Kemmangundi
Driving time : Approximately 5-6 Hours
Driving Tip ( Start early before 6 as Yeshwantpur junction becomes rush after 7)
Stay : There are lots of Resorts around Chikmangalur - Kemmangundi and Chikmangalur has descent hotels and lodges
Good Hotel : Fishland has some nice Fish and Chicken Meals
Places to see : Baba Budhangiri, Mulayangiri, Buttermilk Falls, Manikyadhara falls, Kemmangundi, Shanthi Falls, Z point
Ideal Time : 2 Days will be good enough to cover all points
Approximate Kms : 600-700 total
Approximate Cost : 2500-4000 Depending on accomodation

Kindly comment below if you need more information on the Trip or a itinerary for the same...
Thanks for Reading :) Keep Travelling :)

I always had a benchmark reaching Hassan in 2.5 hours from Bangalore and as expected reached Hassan around 10 am.Then the drive become so lovely with lovely views on either side towards Belur..We reached Belur in no time and as a tradition of visiting Belur temple every time we cross the stretch, Selva and Durga quickly visited the temple as I couldn’t join due to parking issues. Then the drive started again and in line with our Trip Tradition (ooru, caaru and soru) we tried each and every snack that was available on the road side, we had tender coconut, Sugar cane juice and other snacks on the way and finally reach Chikmangalur around 12.30 and was very very hungry so looked for a good hotel. We saw the name Fish land hotel and quickly jumped in and trust me the food was extremely yummy and affordable.We had Thali  meals with some chicken and Fish combo.


After a heavy lunch we started our first objective of the day to trek Mullayangiri from Sarpadhari (4 kms), We reached Sarpadhari from Mulayangiri ( take the left from kaimara and proceed for another 7 kms). We reached sarphadari, parked our car near the gate and started our Trek and oh man it was a very beautiful greeny, misty and rainy day and visibility was 1 feet.. The trek was little uphill and tiresome but the mist and coolness kept our energy alive and within 2.5 hours we reached the Mulayangiri peak.It was completely covered in mist and we had a great darshan with Mulyangiri Shiva and also visited the Caves. On the way back we encountered some small falls and streams and Durga who was coming for his first trek got very much excited and kept telling me all his work pressure is gone now :) 

One of the most beautiful aspect of the trip was on the way back to Chikamangalur we saw a very poor puppy in the road and without any hesitation we stopped the car and gave some cake and biscuits and it ate like it dint eat for a week. This made us very sad so decided that we will buy loads of biscuits and feed all the poor puppies everywhere we find :) This noble heart of Selva and Durga made the Trip very memorable. It’s  the joy we had in the trip we increased it by making other life sleep without hunger for a day. We also found a small tribal village selling different fruits along with  Jack fruit and we parked the car and started to talk with them about their lives, jobs etc and they gave some very very sweet mountain jack fruits with some other unnamed fruits :)

We also saw 2 very bony puppies and gave them stomach full biscuits and started back happily to Chikmangalur. We came back to Chikmangalur by evening 6 and again went to Fishland for a super supper with the same menu as Selva got in love with Fish lands Kabab and Mathi fry and Fish meals.

We booked a small room in Hindustan hotel ( 400 rs a day) and thought it’s just for a nice sleep so dint bother much about the cramped room. That night was fun with We guys sharing jokes about the office and finally slept around 11..

We thought we will wake up the next morning at 6 and start the trip soon but the lovely trek made us to sleep tight and we just woke up at 7.30 and rushed in getting ready for the days event. The day was planned to cover the whole stretch from Mulayangiri-Attingundi road and reach kemmangundi and visit Z point but when we reached close to attingundi we heard some guides calling us for a waterfall visit inside a estate through their jeeps ( 5 kms) and they charged 600 rs per jeep. They said the falls is called buttermilk falls and its equal size to Hebbe falls.

 I have visited Hebbe already and got astonished by its size so we decided to give this butter falls trek a chance. It was a 20 min drive in the jeep and once we reached the falls we happily said to each other this is the best place of this whole trip and man what a beautiful cascading falls it was so big, so majestic and so so away from humans. It was painfully cold there but still we all went inside the falls got completely wet and took bath for some time with no one in the world to disturb us:) We slowly came back to the main road with the jeep and started to kemmangundi on our Car but were informed the roads were very very bad to cross to Kemmangundi and my poor alto wont make it, it was the same case in 2012 with my alto but somehow managed to cross the road that time but this time I thought twice and told the guys lets go till Baba Budhangiri visit the baba samadhi there and the viewpoints are great on that side too.

We reached baba Budhangiri visited the Temple & samadhi then on the way back saw some spectacular places and view points and then started to Chikmangalur by 12.45 and reached by 1.30. Then again we headed to fish land to have the awesome meals for one last time of the trip and packed all the leftover food to give it to some poor dog. Instead of it going to dustbin it can fill an empty stomach. Exactly by 2 started from Chikamangalur and few stoppages for tea, corn we reached Bangalore by sharp 5.30. We reached Whitefield by 7 and headed for a tiring sleep with beautiful memories of the trip. This was one of the most satisfying trip and thanks Selva and Durga for joining the trip...

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