Kavlesad, Mahadevghad, Hiranyakeshi and Rajhunsgad Fort Trip

It was a long time wish to visit Amboli side of Maharastra for 2 reasons, one its pristine in Monsoon and second its easily approachable from Bangalore and weekend is enough to cover the 7-8 places in Amboli.

On a rainy friday we left to Belgaum from Bangalore through the Rani Chennama express and once we woke up around 6am the route the train was travelling looked so green and misty and made us lot exited about the Trip

We reached Belgaum around 8am and took a Bus which goes to Amboli and it took only 1.5 hrs to reach Amboli from Belgaum. We reached our Home stay and arranged an Auto for 700 rs for a whole day trip and the Driver promised he will show all the attractions in a day.

Few Places we Visited,

* Kavlesad Ghat
* Mahadevghad
* Hriyankeshi
* Amboli Waterfalls
* Nangartas falls

If the Weather clears we can actually see 8 waterfalls in 360 Degrees a site to see..

Nangartas falls was very Unique as it falls from base level to ground to a huge tunnel :)

Masala Barbequed Sweet corn for that weather was like Heaven :)

We had a lovely day visiting these places and the most beautiful thing that there were very hardly crowd in any of these places. We asked the Auto Driver to take us to a place which has typical Konkan food and he dint disappoint us and took us to a family who serves amazing Konkan meals.

There were 20 plus small numerous falls enroute to Amboli from Hriyankeshi River..

Next day, We started around 8am to Belgaum and wanted to visit the Rajhunsgud fort which is a 4 kms trek from the base. The trek was on a scenic route and the climate was sunny but chill and cool. We reached the fort and the view from the fort was Fantabulous.. No wonder Belgaum is a paradise for nature lovers.

Very beautiful Hriyanyakeshi Temple the birthplace of Hriyanyakeshi River

Mahadevgad provides you beautiful grasslands and a nice trail for Trekking

Picturesque route on the way to Trek of Rajhunsgud fort

We reached back to Belgaum in the evening and want to end our travel special with a nice food and had some stupendous food in the city and got the Rani Chennama express and reached Monday morning to Bangalore.. For sure a Trip to Cherish.

View of Belgaum plains from the top of Rajhunsgud fort...

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  1. Really nice pic, place & weather!!! heaven on the earth.

  2. Nice Pictures Sarathy... Need more Fort pics