Hampi - The beauty of Vijayanagar Empire

Have been to so many places but the Visit to the Vijayanagar ruins (Hampi) was absolutely mesmerising..Was never an Architecture fan but after seeing the beauty of the place was completely indulged in learning all the knowledge related to the place. The life what they lived 500 to 600 yrs back was really the golden period of India, Respect to Education, Agriculture, Animals, Family values, Divinity, Water saving methods, Scholarship was some to point out..We proudly say we live in a digital life but we have lost all the main elements of live and live in a shell created by our self..Friends do visit Hampi, stay for 4 days minimum and just explore everything there..Have good contacts for stay and Exploring and please message me if any info needed..It was a long dream to shoot an architecturally important place with a nice polarizing filter for a rich Sky at the backgrounds and thanks for my Hoya polariser and with my budget lens got some good Colors...

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