Balekallu, Kodekallu Gudda hiking Trip

Balekallu and Kodekallu are beautiful twin peaks near the Alekhan estate in the Charmaine road...I came to know about this place when I trekked to the Etina bhuja peak and the local guide let us know its possible to trek here...

2 times we tried to hike the beautiful twin peaks of Balekallu and Kodekallu and finally it happened in 2016 year end where beating the monsoon rains we were able to do this 6 kms trek and back to the twins peaks... Was a very green Experience..We hired a local person who took us to both the peaks, kindly check with the locals if this trek is permitted or forest permission needed... We also visisted Chilamangalur and Kalhatti falls later in the trip..

Location :

Bale Kallu Peak
Madugundi, Karnataka 574228

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