Anadhaka ( Kadumangundi) Falls and Ermayee Falls Trip

It was a beautiful month of October, the sesaon which is the most most perfect for grasslands and waterfalls around most places in India and was very happy to have covered these two waterfalls Anadhaka ( Kadumangundi) Falls and Ermayee Falls around the Charmadi/Didupe regions of Karnataka.

The Ermayee waterfalls was so so beautiful and looked like a waterfalls in the Canyon regions of Nevada, US. There was no one in the falls when we went and enjoyed the silence and took a deep bath in the crystal clean pool..

The trek to the Anadhaka waterfalls was so deep and we crossed many lonely homes and deep in to the woods and camped there for sometime. Its was super beautiful trip..

Route Map :

Bangalore - Hassan - Mudigere - Charmadi - Didupe - Anadhaka Waterfalls- Ermayee Waterfalls - Bangalore

The beautiful Ermayee waterfalls

We cleared the plastics in the waterfalls

The way to Anadhaka Waterfalls

The First view of Anadhaka falls


The second layer of Anadhaka falls


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