Kurinjal Gudda, Kadambi falls, Chennakeshvarar Temple and Mullodi Grasslands Trip

After 4th time failing finally the team of Nagra decided to go for a Trek and this time it was Ajay, Chandu, Poomalai and his Friend Arun joined me in this lovely trek to Kurinjal gudda. We took the new Elite i20 of Ajay and started on a Cloudy windy Saturday morning around 6.30 and as usual as routine reached Parijatha Restaurant ( 15 kms from Nelemangala) and ate to heart content..The sambar is one of specialities of Parijatha restaurant and they do serve food fast..After BF we took the beast i20 to next level and cruised to Hassan in 2 hrs. The initial idea was to visit the Chennakeshvarar temple in Belur and I promised the first time visitors this Temple is something amazing and an Unesco Heritage Center. We spent some 45 mins in the temple taking some pics and the guys were amazed with the beauty it provided in terms of Art and Culture..

We reached Kottigehara around 12 and the road from Kottigehara is a Hill side road and with full of truck population somedays. 40 kms took almost 1.5 hrs to cross and on the way we visited a small falls on the road and spend some time. Finally by 2 we reached Kalsa and had some nice food in the small home styled hotel. After lunch we started our drive to the beautiful Kudremukh range and the plan was to drive till Soothanabbi falls ( hanumangundi falls) and visit the ever beautiful grasslands. On the way we went to Jinendra home our Jeep driver and told him we will be back around 6 to drop us at Aruns home in Mullodi.

We visited the Kadambi falls and drove through the scenic Kudremukh misty grasslands and took loads of Pics. We returned to Jinendra home around 6, parked our car and took the most exiting Jeep offroading to Aruns home in Mullodi which is 7 kms away. The first 3 kms was good with Tar road and then the adventure began, The road was filled with mud of 2 feet and the beast Jeep with 4*4 took us majestically till a point when the Jeep's axle got struck with a huge rock under. We tried everything for 20 mins to get the jeep out and finally we succeeded and moved the Rock. We reached Aruns home around 7 and all the new comers to Aruns home were amazed to see such a  beautiful village home midst of 360* grasslands and thats a beauty. This is my 5th time to Aruns home and I never missed to Visit his home every year from 2012 and the love he shares with the people staying in his house is unexplainable and pure Bliss. We all got prepared for the dinner in that cold lovely evening and Arun surprised us with a awesome Village buffet food which is nothing short of love..

Kadambi falls

Next day morning we all got ready and 2 of the guys took a deep bath in the waterfalls called the Somavathi fallanext to Aruns home and the jeep dropped us in the DFO office Kudremukh and we started our journey to Kurinjal gudda.. The total expedition was for 14 kms and it was a strech of plain jeep track for 10 and 4 kms of hardcore hiking in the Grasslands..Eventually we completed this beautiful blissful Monsoon hike in the Montone Grasslands of Kurinjal

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  1. Wow Sarathy..amazing blog...Just feel like visiting all the places u have mentioned...