An awesome trek to Tribal heaven - Kurangani - Topstation

A very very special and beautiful trek of almost 16 km's two way and a hike down of 60* inclination..The landscapes were too majestic and Divine... This was a 2 day trip from Bangalore where we reached Kurangani Early morning and did the Kurangani - Top station from one side of the hill and camped and stayed in the wild... Near by is Kozhukumalai which is the highest tea plantation on earth...

The return was on a different trail which had amazing vertical ascending and that trek down among the grasslands and elephants around is one of the best in my life... The total Trek was 16 kms both ways and Top station has some shops and items to be collected like Spices, Tea etc... Just to add this is a rich wildlife zone with Elephants around and forest department permission is needed to Trek to the place..

We did encounter some waterfalls on the way and the occasion which made this trek mighty special is a beautiful doggie joined us for the trek for the whole 2 days where we took good care of it with the best food and water...It guided us in many places where we were struck for the route and the way ahead...

Route Map :

Bangalore - Salem - Dindigal - Kurangani

Trek Map :

Kurangani - Top station - Kurangani via slopes

You and Me in this beautifullllll World...

The Hills of Kurangani

The Small fort on the Top

Some Steep Climbing on the way

Some waterfall on the way to fetch some water

The Tea plantations of Top Station

The Campsite

The Jil Jil Sarbath of Tamil Nadu


He guided us and its our turn to keep him like a prince

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