Historical town of Kolar and Mandaragiri betta

As 2018 gets to an end, which was such a memorable year for the group in terms of travelling, we just explored the beautiful hoysala town of Kolar and viewed places such as Markandeya Hiils, Kolramma Temple, Antharange hike and caves, Someshwara temple and the Chotta Ladhak quarry.. 

Never knew that Kolar has so many historical places and they were ruled by Cholas, gangas and Hoysalas who all were experts in Architecture and temple creations.. We also wanted to visit Avani but couldn't due to time, We will get that done next time..

On day 2 we drove to Mandaragiri near Tumkur and clicked some nice pics on the Trek and the lake near by.. It has a beautiful basadi temple on top of the hill and an amazing dam lake behind...
Thanks Kavin for Joining me 

The beautiful Markandeya hill temple

Someshwara Temple, Kolar

Mandaragiri betta temple

The lake next to Mandaragiri Betta

 The chota Ladhak

The Hanuman betta, a small betta closer to Kolar - Bangalore highway

Antharagange Caves

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