Historical Road Trip to Tamil Nadu Part 2 ( Tanjore, Rameswaram, Dhanuskodi and Madurai)

The second part of the trip started from Chettinad areas of Karaikudi, Devakottai and our first stop was Rameswaram which is a part of the Ramandhapuram District... We stopped at the Pamban bridge which is a civil marvel to have built to a bridge over sea..The evening was pleasant as we witnessed the Rameswaram Temple which was little modern but the interior architecure was too good to say the least.

Next day we went to Dhanushkodi island which is a unique location of 3 sides sea and 10 kms away from Srilanka bridge, the adams bridge which is mythological is situated there.. After the Dhanushkodi we visited the Memeorial of Dr APJ the greatest president of India who is born and brought up Rameswaram.

We took the Madurai route to have some delicacies like Jigardhanda, Madurai halwa to reach back late night in Bangalore

The great and mightiest Brahadeeshwara Temple at Tanjore

Dawn at the Rameswaram Port - Pamban Bridge

One of the interiors of Karaikudi Traditional home

The haunted village of Dhanushkodi

Wow so so mighty, Tanjore Big temple

Yazhi, the majestic ancient creature

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