A Lovely day in Medigeshi Fort..

Medigeshi fort was a very surprising trip than expected as the fort was very beautiful and the trek was the right intensity one I wished... The history of Medigeshi is not as immense as others.. Breaking the name Medigeshi as Medi – Ankle and Kesha – Hair, the fort was built by Nagga Reddi as his wife’s hair touched her ankle (yes you read it right, hair touched her ankle) and that’s how it got its name Medigeshi. The fort walls still remains intact making the scene amusing all the way during the trek, and it kept me wondering why and how it has lost fame over the years. 

There is Venkataramana temple and Lakshmi Temple at the foot hill which was also built by Nagga Reddi and this marked the start of the trail for the trek.

The fort is about 115 Bangalore (Hebbal) and from the base the trek takes about 3 hrs total and offers amazing grassland view at the top and at places 70* climb on steps...Will suit kids above 10years old and may not be apt place to take elders....

We also Planted trees and Thanks for everyone who joined...

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