The Breathtaking Narayanagiri and Kanva Resorvoir

Never imagined this peak to be this beautiful and exciting... We started early morning on a lovely monsoon July day with rains around and hit the village and forests roads surrounded by misty peaks around.. 

Good for us the mists where still available when we reached the base of the peak and once we reached the top which hardly took 30 mins we were on top of a paradise which was so so green and grasslands on top... There is also a old temple at the peak and from the peak the Jalamangala lake can be viewed..

With Blue skies peaking after 9 we took a nice nap and spent green and misty time there..

While retuning back we visited the Kanva resorvoir to get some beautiful snaps and the Brahminy Kites fishing everywhere...

Was such a beautiful day with Ajay Aj Naidu and Kavin K K..

The beautiful Temple tree at the peak

Early morning sunrise

The green patches of peak

The Temple at the peak

The Kanva Resorvoir

Beautiful day with bright and blue sky

The initial trek path

For few places steps are present

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  1. Beautiful pics.
    Do you know if Kanva reservoir open on weekends?

    1. The main gate is closed but you can come little front and there is a way to get near the lake and click pics, people will be selling fishes there..

    Nice place