The Monsoon Landscapes of Yatheeshwara Hill

 I love to plan every of my trip with lot of action and exploration around and monsoon is a quite an awesome time to plan trips around the mountain ranges as the foliage turns quite green with clear blue skies in the day time....

This is time around due to the lockdown from Covid 19, long trips have become quite difficult so the focus shifted to shorter trips around Bangalore which provides some security and also the much needed green break and fitness we need from trekking and inhaling pure oxygen..

After lot of research we chose the Yatheeshwara hill to explore as the hill has some beautiful mountain ranges which are mostly unexplored and offers nice views and temples at the top...

The place is around 70 kms from Bangalore but offers many hill temples out of which we chose to trek 2 ( Veerabhadraswamy and Anjaneya swampy hills) and more than our expectations the place turned out to be beautiful and awesome..We saw both the early morning orange skies as well the blue ones later in the day....

We reached pretty early in the morning around 5.30 so the mist was perfect and stayed till 7 am...The place is quite secluded so may be avoid going alone and go with a nice gang of 5 minimum...

The place is perfect for explorers who love places which are dense and not much humans around...From the Yatheeshwara hills we can also see the adjoining famous hillocks and Monoliths like Shivagange, Savanadurga etc...

The view from the top of the Anjaneya Betta

The beautiful morning views

The Lovely Savanadurga Hill Behind

May be a potential seasonal waterfall in rainy season

The Dense forests and Folliages

The Veerabhadraswamy Temple at the peak

Lovely dense green vegetation and its a forest area

The old temple pond

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  1. Hello! Can you share it's location? Google maps does not seem to show it