Kaivara, Bheema Bakasura Betta and Kailsagiri Trip

There are beautiful group of places to access at just 70 kms from Bangalore towards Chintamani which provides amazing things like a small mountain trek with a never drying blue pond ( Teertha), The place where Bheema killed Bakasura, The Kailasagiri and Ambaji Durga temple and other old temples around..

This is a perfect and beautiful place for a day trip and 4 to 5 beautiful places can be accessed...
Bhemmalingeshwara Temple
Amaranarayana Swamy Temple
Lakshmana Theertha Pond
Bheema Bakasura Hill trek
Kailsagiri Cave Temple
Ambaji Durga Trek

Half way to the Bheema Bakasurabetta

The never dry Lakhsmana Theertha Pond

The steps to Bheemabakasura betta

Marked area is the place where Bheema and Bakasura fought and created the foot marks, Looks small from far but each step is 4 to 5 feet in length.

The lake next to the Kailasagiri caves hill

The forest and little stream near Kailasagiri hill

The mighty and huge Kailsagiri Hill cave

Inside the Caves

The Mutt on the way

The very old Amaranarayanaswamy temple

The view from top of BheemaBakasurabetta

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