BR hills, Bellatha Resorvoir and Krishnakatte Dam

BR hills is a lovely place for a one day trip from Bangalore as 30 to 40 kms inside the reserve a drive in private vehicle is possible ( BR hills temple to Chamrajnagar road).. The trip can be combined with BR hills Temple, K gudi wilderness camp, Bellatha resorvoir and Krishnakatte dam...

There is also a forest department safari in BR hills where jeeps take passengers inside the forest limits... There are around 60 tigers in BR hills as per census but its little hard to spot tigers and only if you have luck.. Elephants also are spotted frequently in drier months..

The regular animals to see here are spotted deers, Barking deers and some birds species.. The road from BR hills to Kgudi is quite good and look out for wild species.. The bellatha resorvoir road is quite bad but can be managed with any car...

Road map :

Bangalore - Kollegal - BR hills Temple - Kgudi lake - Bellatha resorvoir - Krishnakatte dam - Bangalore

Things to see and do :

1) Safari in Government Vehicle

2) Drive in our own vehicle ( BR hills temple - Kgudi road)

3) Dance of Sholiga's in BR Hills temple

4) BR hills Temple

5) K Gudi Camp ( Stay possible but expensive)

6) Bellatha Resorvoir and Krishnakatte dam

The forest drive between BR hills and Kgudi

The BR hills Temple

Some Snacks

The view from BR hills temple view point

The Krishna katte dam

The lake near Kgudi

The Kgudi Lake

The drive in BR hills

The Bellatha Resorvoir

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