Devaramane Grasslands and Doddegaddavalli Temple day trip

This is a beautiful and long day trip to Devaramane near Mudigere and Doddegaddavalli Lakshmi Temple from Bangalore and total kms around 580 in total..

We started around 5am from Bangalore and the first stop was for breakfast in the Hassan road and then we reached the first stop, the temple around 9am...

The temple near Belur was near a beautiful lake and no one was there expect us and its another marvel of Hoysala's...The Lakshmi Devi Temple is one of the earliest known temples built in the Hoysala style. The building material is Chloritic schist, more commonly known as Soapstone. The temple does not stand on a Jagati (platform), a feature which became popular in later Hoysala Temples The temple was commissioned by a merchant called Kullahana Rahuta and his wife Sahaja Devi. The temple is a unique chatuskuta construction (four shrines and towers) built inside a 7-foot-tall (2.1 m) stone wall enclosure with the entrance through a porch whose roof is supported by circular lathe-turned pillars. The above info is from Wikipedia... Then after spending an hour in the temple we left the place at 10am and reached Devaramane around Mudigere around 12pm..

The Deveramane Grasslands actually overcame my expections with Montane grasslands spreading easily about 4 to 5 kms strech and every inch was beautiful, this year I missed grasslands to the core due to covid and this was a big relief.. We also spotted a beautiful mini waterfall and stream on the way and spent time taking bath... Overall a very pleasant and beautiful trip... We spent time in Devaramane walking in the trail and started back to Bangalore around 3.30pm and spent like 45 mins for Lunch in Mudigere and finally reached our homes in Bangalore at 10pm sharp..

Route map :

Bangalore- Hassan - Doddegaddavalli temple- Belur - Mudigere - Devaramane 

Roads conditions:

Excellent till Mudigere and last 10kms little bad with hairpin bends kind of climbing but manageable...

The perfect way the day ended for the trip

The beautiful grasslands of Deveramane

The Doddagaddavalli Lakshmi Temple

The Entrance of the Temple

The lovely lake next to the temple banks

Wish for a simple life like this with plenty of Nature around

The stream on the way

We needed a dip to cool ourselves

Lovely country side with a golden evening

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