Birdwatching for kids in Avalahalli state forest

Arranged a bird watching and nature study session for kids yesterday early morning in the Avalahalli state forest..The place is near Yelankha and about 15 kms from Hebbal...We were able to spot 15+ variety of birds and insects...Kids also learnt about various trees present and the beauty of ecosystem...It was a 5 km trail...End of the day kids need oxygen, water and fulfilment in right way rather than anything materialistic.....If they learn the law of life from nature then they easily become amazing individuals..If u go there Kindly don't litter the place as its a biological preserve of many birds and species....

Note: I am getting lot of request to inform if such events happens in future and for sure I will send a notification on the same and thanks a lot for the appreciation..
Some bird pics clicked are also posted.

The waterhole near the Sanctuary

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