The day trek to Handi Gundi Betta

Well the second wave started and we in Bangalore went for a 2 month lockdown and once the lockdown was removed in mid of June we kickstarted our first trek in 2 months to the beautiful and lovely Handi Gundi betta which is very close to Bangalore about 40 kms and towards Ramnagara....

We wanted to start our monsoon treks so started with a relatively smaller trek to the Handi Gundi betta which is surrounded by 3 other small hills and offers a easy trek and amazing green views in the start of Monsoon.. We started the drive 6.30 am from Bangalore and as usual finished up the breakfast with pipping hot Bidadi butter Tatte Idly and Masala vada

We reached the place around 8.30 am, parked the car near a temple at the base and started the trek. The betta is about 1000 MSL height and takes about 30 to 40 mins to climb up and same to get down as well. From the top of the hill we can see the other surrounding peaks and also couple of small Lakes which can be accessed after getting down.. We witnessed amazing golden skies to start the day and while returning the skies changed beautiful blue.

We completed the trip with a amazing lunch in Sriranga Military hotel in Ramnagara which was about 4km from the trek place and enjoyed a lovely meal..

We spent only 500 each for the trip of Fuel, Breakfast, Lunch and some Juice and water...

We witnessed some beautiful Sunrise

Our Fav Bidadi Tatte Idly with Masala Vada

Top of the Peak

Some well deserved rest

The meal at the Sriranga Hotel, Ramnagara

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  1. Do we require prior permission to hike here?

  2. Hi, I saw some others say that we need prior permission to trek here. Any info on this would be appreciated! Thanks!