The Upper Palya Betta Trek & beautiful Grasslands

 This is a beautiful place hidden behind the series of mountains near Gudibande...We planned this trek on a weekday and started early as 5am from Bangalore and stopping on the way to have the best Bansi Rava Kharabath and masala vada at the Sivasakthi Tiffin room which is a very old hotels around the North Bangalore.

The place is around 75 kms from Hebbal and it took about 1.5 hrs and the last 10 kms were among a beautiful drive between hills. We reached around 8.30 am and the weather was perfect for a lovely trek..

Initially the betta looked very small but once we started to climb it was a beautiful climb among thick green foliage and trees. There is a beautiful manmade lake below for water storage and the view is beautiful from mid way..

It took about 45 mins to reach the peak and seeing the surrounding hills around it is a pleasant scene..We enjoyed the views and decided to ascend soon around 11am and started back to Bangalore. A nice short trek and there are also other places to visit near like the Gudibande fort and Sabenehalli lake..

Almost reaching the peak

The small reservoir at the base

Loved the greenness the trek provided

The Famous Kharabath of Sivasakthi Tiffin Rooms

Lovely Lotus ponds on the way

A very green trek in monsoon months

The View from the Peak

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