The Monsoon magic of Dodda Ramakallu Betta

The Exploratory passion in our hearts took us to yet another beautiful destination and this time to the beautiful Dodda Ramakallu Betta which comes just 6 kms from the Ramnagara town.We started around 6am from Bangalore and reached Ramnagara around 7.30 am with a short breakfast break in our usual Bidadi.

When we did the Handigundi Betta last time we saw few peaks closer to it and decided to explore them and one of the betta is the Dodda Ramakallu.

The parking of this place is very beautiful next to a lake filled with Lotus flowers and surrounded by 360* of Hills and peaks. There is the temple from the base(5 mins walk from the car park) and post that its a very steep hike to the peak and its a big big no in rainy season as its very slippery and could dangerous.

It took us about 45 mins to reach the peak from the base as it was quite steep and luckily it was a bright and blue sunny day so we dint had any problem. We took several stops as the views from the way gets more and more beautiful with the lake at the base and other hills around.

There are some grasslands at the peak and there is a twin peak next to it which can also be trekked from the base in another way..We spent about 30 mins at the peak and then decide to ascend and took about 30 mins to get to the base.

Again I mention Kids and Elderly people wont suit this trek and strictly for fit people and again on a rainy day avoid this..Usually after a trek we have a heavy lunch but as it was only 11.30 so decided to munch some fruits and had Pineapple and Papaya to boost ourself some Healthy diet.

On the way back to Bangalore we stopped few mins to explore the beautiful Nelligudde Kere and spent some taking the pics of the beautiful reservoir and the green stretch of trees.

The lovely grasslands at the peak

The Nelligudde Kere 

White lotus as the base pond

The Temple at the base

Amazing Views

Steepy hike to the peak, avoid in rainy days

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  1. Any google map location for parking spot

  2. Amazing pictures. Which camera you have used and specs? Please let me know. Regards

    1. All these pics are taken with Samsung M31s....Otherwise I use Nikon D610 + Samyang 14mm ultra wide

  3. Hi,
    Is there any specific landmark or location for this hike ,as Google maps shows up a Nandi temple.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful travelogue. One request here. If possible kindly add location info on the map so that it is easier for readers to plan