The Stunning Kunagalu Betta and check dam


In our last exploratory trek around Handi Gundi betta we also saw another small betta with a hill temple and this time around we wanted to explore it and started the trip on a Saturday morning around 5am from home on a beautiful drizzly monsoon month of August..

As usual we had our breakfast at the Suchitra Tatte idly in Bidadi and reached the base of the Kunagalu trek trek around 6.30 am when the mist was full on and was slightly drizzly... The village was quite sleepy and they friendly enough to answer our queries regarding the trek..Actually there is a off road path to take the vehicle 50% to the peak but we decided to park the car at the base and trek the whole length which is about 2.5 kms from the base..

The first thing that strikes about this trek is the hugeeeee boulder which stands still at the base and everyone will get a feel if this boulder breaks or rolls over will the village below survive hahahaha but thats been there for centuries and its pretty safe I recon..

The initial stretch beautiful with lots of trees and most of them are custard apple trees and it was season we were able to taste some ripen ones too...

After 30% of the trek the road ends and we have to trek through beautiful grasslands and paths which were dense and beautiful and around 60% of the mark we reached the first peak temple...We spent some time and from here the rest trek gets amazing. there is also a Basava statue and a creek to spend some time and take good pics..

The rest of the trek goes through beautiful caves and it gets super exciting to move through them.. Finally we reached the peak with the help of the ladder and the views from the peak temple is absolutely stunning... Suddenly it started to rain and luckily we had a roof over the top to relax ourself enjoying the rains and drizzles around.. For sure an absolutely beautiful trek this was...

This trek can suit kids but be careful with the caves and the final ladder section as in rains it might get slippery.. Post the trek we drove towards Kanakpura and the roads were between beautiful hills and we also hit a small stream and check dam which gave us the satisfied feel of seeing a mini waterfall...

The huge boulder at the base

The initial trek through beautiful grasslands

The View from the Top of the peak

The View from the Top of the peak

The temple at the peak

Passing through the caves

The creek at the first peak

The custard apple trees on the way

The check dam

Beautiful sunset screens

The checkdam waterfalls

Kindly spread compassion wherever you go, we always carry biscuits for dogs which accompany us in the trips

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