Avathi Betta, Shanku Theertha & Golden Sunset

After 10 continues weekend trips I decided to take a small break and spend the Sunday relaxed at home and sleep out the whole day and take good rest but Nature planned something else for me this time around.... 

At around noon one of my friend Krishna called me and asked whats the evening plans and why cant we plan a late evening lunch somewhere in a nature place and informed he can get Biriyani for me and this opened up all my senses hearing the word Biriyani :P

So around 3pm Krishna with his Kid came with a Stupendous lunch and we planned to do a nice pot lunch near the Avathi betta and lake.. We stopped on a nice location under a tree and had our great lunch and then hit the Avathi Betta which was 10 mins away from the lunch location.

Special thanks to Krishna and his wife who made 6+ items in a short span for the pot lunch..We also took Salads and Juice from our end to make it a full course happy meal...

Post lunch we reached Avathi around 4pm and along with the Kids we hiked the smaller Thimmarayaswamy betta and enjoyed a lovely evening seeing the Sunset.. It was a nice experience for the kids to eat a picnic lunch..

The Post also contains some more pics of a Morning trek we did to the same Hill ( Infact the Left side big hill) few weeks back and combined both the trips.

Anyone looking for a nice short drive ( about 40 kms from Hebbal) and a nice sunset and evening can hit the Thimmarayaswamy betta and have fun.The left side betta is called the Avathi betta which is a little bigger trek ( about 45 mins) and the right side betta is called the Thimmarayaswamy betta which has a temple about 50% to the peak and cars can reach here.. One can also enjoy some boating in the near by Avathi lake. End of the day Kids needs lot of Nature to Embrace life in the most beautiful way

There is a beautiful Shanku Theertha in the Temple ( have to walk 100 feets down) which never dries and is crystal clear.. Its 55 feet deep but the bottom can be seen in daylight... Dont miss to check this out..Please be little careful if u take the kids to Shanku theertha as it's little slippery in rainy time otherwise it's a safe place to see...

Location :


Boating in the Avathi Lake

Climbing the Avathi Betta

The Shanku Theertha of the Thimmarayaswamy betta

55 feet deep but base was visible

Hike with the Kids

The both had lovely time

A nice rest after a breezy trek

Some Rock Climbing

Sun Setting in

Lovely SunSet

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