The Surprisingly sweet Veerasagara Lake and Hessarghata

Never knew a such a green, dense and a peacock paradise existed 10 mins from my home and thats the Veerasagara lake near to Vidranyapura and on the way to Hesserghata Lake.. Last week on a relaxed Saturday planned for a short drive with my kid to Hessarghata Lake and Grasslands and on the way took a new route as the default road was closed due to some BBMP work and this worked out amazing as on the way we saw a nice lake, from outside it looked pretty normal but my instincts said its a lovely place and something nice is waiting inside so we parked the car and walked in and oh boy we were in for an amazing surprise...

Owing to Monsoon and rainy night the place was denser and greener than we thought and few locations looked we are in Sakaleshpur with early morning mist and slowly peaking blue skies... What made this place more beautiful is around a pack of 20 Peacocks live in this lake with other aviaries like Purple Swamp hen, Storks, Darter, Snake bird, Comorants, Bulbuls etc. The whole walking path is about 2 kms one way so one corner to another we can have a lovely 4 kms walk with greenry, beautiful water bodies with flowers and the sounds of the chirping birds.. I simply loved this place.

Post the Lake we drove further to the Dried up Hessarghata lake bed and spent few mins clicking some bird life including a tree full of Baya weavers and other water aviaries.. The lake is now dried up for about 15 years expect little water left.. It has a watch tower and a temple also to check...

Post the time spent, we drove from our car the Save animals India animal shelter via the Hesserghata Live stock training road and this 5 km stretch was so green and amazing... We reached the Shelter and spent some time checking out the injured animals and as usual did our monthly donations...

Veerasagara lake :

Hesserghata Lake : ( Park car here and walk)

Some Birding

Beautiful reflections and skies

This place feels a Mini Sakleshpur in Monsoon

The Mini Dense Jungle trails

The Hessarghata Lake bed

The Watch tower

The Baya Weavers ( Pic by Kavin)

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