The Hidden Hoysala Marvels around Turuvekere and Hulikal

One reason I consider myself as a satisfied explorer just because not only nature excites me but also Art and Architecture gives me loads of happiness and satisfaction in exploring them and learning the messages our Ancestors portrayed through Art and Architecture.

Karnataka has 500+ ASI Monuments and Tamil Nadu has 450+ Monuments ( 2nd & 3rd in the country) and around 80% of them are not so famous and not well known still they all are centuries old ( 11th-14th) and needs lots of appreciation and preservation for the fact our Ancestors have built such beautiful monuments and portrayed education and lifestyle through arts and culture..

We continued our trip from the Sri Lakshmi Narashima betta and hit towards Turuvekere where we planned to visit 6 to 7 such Hidden Hoysala Temples and I am listing the temples below. The beauty about visiting these places is that most of the temples are locked and you need to check with localities who gives you the key with trust and happiness.

1) Karadeshwara temple - Nagalapura

2) Chennakeshava Temple - Nagalapura

3) Kalleshwara Temple - Hulikal ( This one floods during Monsoon and makes a nice scene)

4) Chennakeshava Temple - Thandaga

5) Mule Sankreshwara Temple - Turuvekere

6) Chennakeshava Temple - Turuvekere 

The Chennakeshava Temple - Turuvekere 

The Mule Sankreshwara Temple

We never forget to feed hungry souls in our Trips

Shiraz Bro the Proud Kannadiga and always a pleasure to do trips with you

The Lake behind the Chennakeshava Temple - Tandaga

Chennakeshava Temple - Tandaga

The Hulikal Kalleswara Temple

Chennakeshava Temple - Nagalapura

Karadeshwara Temple - Nagalapura

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  1. Bro, Honour & delight is mine. Thank you. Its has been always a great lesson traveling with you.