Sri Lakshmi Narashima Swamy Betta and Mallakatta Kere

One More Sunday and one more day trip and this time and we planned to the Srilakshmi Narashimaswamy betta which is closer to Kunigal and planned to cover this trek with 7 hidden Historic and forgotten Hoysala temples around and then finally visit the Mallakata kere..

We started early morning 6 from Bangalore with Drizzles welcoming us on a beautiful monsoon month of July and we reached the base of the hill around 8am after a short breakfast break.

This Srilakshmi Narashimaswamy betta is a very small hill and can be climbed in few ways like walking on the mud path or walking up the hill directly through the grasslands and which ways it will take a max of 30 mins to climb. Its an Ideal trek for Family with Kids and Elders..

We initially walked on the mud path which goes through thick forests and then climbed vertically to reach the peak. On top of the peak there are beautiful views and a nice colorful temple. We spent 30 mins at the peak enjoying the views and then started to climb down via the grasslands and the beautiful patch of green excited us with beautiful blue skies..

We took about 20 mins to get down and on the way down saw a beautiful farm and spend few minutes enjoying the greenery and silence..

Post this we started our drive to Mallagatta Kere and also visited 7 Hoysala Temples on the way ( Will be covered separately as Part II). The Mallagatta Kere was little disappointment as the dam was not open and we couldnt checkout the dam waterfalls in monsoon season. 

Anyways we enjoyed the vast lake and had a great drive back to Bangalore in amazing rains and stopping for a coffee break in Swathi Deliacy which has amazing coffee..

The beautiful farm at the base

The initial stretch in the Forest

Bikes can reach the peak

The Vertical climb to the peak skipping the mud road

The Temple at the peak

Starting the get down the grasslands

Green and Easy descending

I just loved the small hut there

We planted few trees post the trek

Thats the top of the hill from the base

The Mallagatta Lake

Usually when the Dam is open it flows and forms mini Waterfalls.

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  1. can you please add location (if possible google map link) to these places.
    This travel log is very inspiring to read. but without the map info, it is very difficult to plan and visit

    1. Many keep asking me for location and the only reason I don't add location is I have seen many times people access the place and keep littering as most of the places I explore are deep zones...I always give the exact location if someone pings and asks me and I believe if someone is passionate about travel and nature they will request for the place..I really don't want to be the reason for spoiling a place which is pristine and if someone asks me the location I verify them and share the details....

  2. Thats a wonderful practice. cant question that. I follow your posts now and then and bookmark places I love to go with my kids. hence asked for the location. I agree on point on maintaining the sanity of the location.
    If possible, let me know how to get the location for this place (my email,....)