Monsoon drive to Hosahalli Gudda and Guddada Rangaswamy betta

Its been a while we had a whole trip of Rain and Drizzles and we longed for it as the monsoon have come to the peak.. This plan worked out in July and we planned to test ourself with a 550 km day trip to Bisle Ghat and the Treks around it..

We started on a Sunday morning around 5am and hit the car in Hassan highway and stopped in a road side shop for some hot dosas and idly's and by 9am we were at the Mookanane Manne falls area.. The water in the falls was roaring and we couldn't cross the stream and check the waterfalls but was able to see it from a long distance. All the places are in between Bisle Ghat and Sakleshpur.

The next stop was the Hosahalli gudda which is famous for its Grasslands and peak and the fun was we started to climb it up in a wrong way crossing dense forests and streams and later we realised we are on the back side of the peak and we couldnt ascend up due to rain and slippery rocks so we came back hoping we can find the right route.

Few kms later we saw a house and the aunty in the house guided us the perfect route and she told Hosahalli gudda and Guddada Ranganatha betta both can be hiked parallely so we took a very very beautiful path with beautiful mists and grasslands around and the pounding rains made the trek very beautiful and scenic..

First we walked on a plain track with full of mist then we started to ascend and there was a mini waterfall kind of a stream where we relaxed and had the purest water on earth and then we started to move further and thats where the magic struck...

We were on to Grasslands where the rains and the Mist and the wind was gushing on us and still we moved further up to the peak where a small boulder and statue is present. We spent 30 mins on the peak and then came back to the car with great memories and happiness. The car park to peak and back to car park will be around 4kms and wont suite kids and elders..

I really enjoy such kind of trips in beautiful non stop rains and grasslands and we started back to Bangalore by 4pm and for a quick lunch break near Hirisave and reached Bangalore around 9pm... Great day Indeed...

A small lake on the way

The short trek towards the Mookanemane Falls

The Overflowing stream and we couldnt walk on the side track to check the falls

Trying other sides to check the falls

Beautiful small Statues on the way

The first wrong route we took to the Hosahallu Gutta

The correct path

This scene makes my heart and mind joyfull

The small Stream

Small Ponds on the way

Ascending to the Grasslands and the Peak

Top of the Peak

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