The lovely Hosgode Falls and its translucent Pools

After reaching the homestay in Honnavara we took a small break refreshing ourselves and post the breakfast started our journey to the amazing Hosgode falls... Its about 45 mins drive from Honnavara and from the car park we need to walk about 30 mins ( 2 to 3 kms) to reach the waterfalls and its a plain walking track for most the times and we need to cross a lovely hanging bridge on the way too.

Hosgode falls is a pristine 6 layered huge waterfalls and its safe to stay in 1st and 2nd layers in monsoon for a safe bath and post monsoon in December its kind of safe to visit the other layers on the top. Considering its a monsoon and water was gushing we decided the stay in the 1st and 2nd layers for a nice dip in the pools it created. I tried going up few layers to get a glimpse of the 3rdto 6th layer but understanding its slippery dropped my plan and enjoyed the views of those layers form a safe place.

The last few layers fell from a longer distance making huge falls and It was quite a scene. After playing in the water for about 1.5 hrs we walked back to the car park and this time around planned to cross the stream instead of taking the hanging bridge. The water was knee height and the pool the stream created was very clear and colorful. We spent about 30 mins in the pool swimming and then started back to  homestay with some memories and also planned to visit some sunset points for the evening.

If you are taking kids kindly stay only in the first and second layers irrespective of the seasons...

The first layer of Hosgode Falls

The First layer of Hosgode falls

Initial walkpath

Some small streams to cross

Some green village scenes on the way

The Hanging Bridge

The second layer of the Falls

The Multiple layers the Hosgode falls forms

Crossing through dense folliage

The colorful and clear ponds of the hanging bridge

Layers 3,4,5 and 6 visible

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  1. Love your content! Lovely pics and lovely descriptors. Keep them coming. Looking forward to the next post.

  2. Hello Sarathy,
    Lovely pics and crispy info..
    Can you let me know if we can travel July 20 it safe on peak rainy season ?? And also share home stay contact