Adawikatte Waterfalls the Hidden Gem

Post our trip to the Keledevara betta near Melukote we decided to visit another lake for sunset on the way back to Bangalore and were asking the locals about the lake's location as google maps was not very accurate to the location and on the way we saw a beautiful stream fully running and making a waterfall kind of noise around and after checking with the locals they informed that indeed its a waterfall and a seasonal one and due to great rains this year it was flowing beautifully.

We got super excited so parked our cars and walked about 300 meters and we saw this beautiful little stream forming a lovely waterfall in various branches and also a lovely place to take bath also. Adding to more beauty this place also has a lovely neck deep pool where one can take a nice dip.

As there was enough time for our sunset we took a nice shower in the waterfalls and in the pool for about 45 mins and after a refreshing shower we started back to the lake for the sunset...

Please try this waterfalls between August to December mid...

Location :

The various branches of the falls

Awesome place to take bath

Water gets low between December to August.

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  1. Tell me the address of the falls dear what Ur living owls haa dear