Doddamallekere Checkdam Hike

On a lovely month of November with rains around we planned for a short half day trip to the unexplored Doddamallekere betta which has a small checkdam and a small hill to be trekked. We 4 with my kid were excited for a short trip and started around 6am from Bangalore and after a short drive and breakfast reached the Doddamallakere location which is surrounded by beautiful hills.

Once we reached the location we were checking for the Checkdam with locals and they gave  a good news and a bad news, the good news is that after so many years the dam got filled and overflowing and the bad news is the route is so marshy and sluggish and hard to reach. 

After exploring various routes and checking the map we realized that hiking a smalll hill and getting down will reach us to the check dam. After a short hike and 5 mins of walk of sluggish land we reached the kere and the checkdam and it was flowing smoothly and nicely.

After spending about 30 mins at the place and enjoying its silence we also hiked over the biggest hill of the place for a beautiful view.  We came down after 30 mins and also planted 10 trees in a near by temple..This place is not exactly spectacular but for a exploring heart gave us a descent satisfaction. Post this hike we also moved to our next destination where we planned for another short hike to a hill temple..

The view of the lake surrounded by hills

Waterflowing in road due to the rains 

The short hike to the checkdam

The small and nice checkdam overflowing after many years

Hike to the highest point

Planting some trees

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