The Beautiful Gedare Hills and its Old Temple

Post visiting the Doddamallakere check dam and a small trek we also planned to visit a unknown hills called as the Geddare hills near by and it also have a small old temple at the base and a new temple at the peak which is about 10 mins walk from the car park and few SUVs can also reach the peak temple..

We reached the base, parked our car and was very very surprised to see a beautiful stream gushing from the hills and looked like a place in Malnad in Monsoon. When we asked the Poojari at the base temple he also told it has rained cats and dogs this year and he havent seen this stream running for the last 20 years and also after so many years the Jayamangali river is also running.

We spent about 15 mins enjoying the water in the stream and also visited the old temple and for sure the temple is atleast 100 yrs old.

Post the play in water we also walked to the peak temple where there is a new temple built and a small pond near by.. One can also do another hike to the topmost peak in that area and might take another 20-30 mins. We went half way and then enjoyed the views from the middle...Post this we left to Bangalore around 12.30pm for a well deserved lunch and Saturdays rest.. C u guys soon in another travel post...

The trek

The Gushing stream

The Old Temple complex at the base

The Hike to the peak temple

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