Kemmanahalli Kere Waterfalls & HoysalaTemple


This Trip is the continuation of the Keledevara betta series as all were done in just one day from morning 5am to evening 8pm.. This trip is very special to us in many ways because we explored 5 different places in the same day with varied activities.. First we visited the Pandavapura falls but due to less water in cauvery water was not gushing. 

Then we did 2 treks to Keledevara betta and to Veerabadreshwara betta and then we visited Melokote for some famous Puliyogare and Sweet Pongal and on the way we saved a beautiful Chameleon supposed to be killed by Villagers telling its venomous..

Post Lunch we visited a 14th century hoysala temple and then enjoyed a nice dip in the Adawikatte waterfalls and finally ended the trip with a stunning Sunset at Kemmanahalli kere lake and waterfalls.

This Kemmanahalli Kere is near to Melukote and during peak monsoon the Lake is opened and which forms about 3 small waterfalls and all they were gushing due to heavy rains and filled up lakes.

Im not sure about the google location as we took the route it showed and it took us to the back side of the lake and we had to walk about a km on the lake edges which turned to best the best walk of the day with the sun setting beautifully behind the lake.

Then we witnessed the lake was opened near a check dam and this one formed multiple small waterfalls and we 

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