The Waterfalls and Islands of Kuttanad


The year 2021 was about to end and till then had one of the greatest years of my life with 70+ trips and did travel to my hearts content with Waterfalls, Grasslands etc and this time was thinking we should do something different as around December most of the waterfalls have less water flow.

We planned to visit one of our friend in Allepy who always invited us to their home and we took this chance to cover few beautiful places in Allepy and Kuttanad... We wanted to check some backwaters, beaches and also to cherish some amazing delicacies of the backwater Kerala.

As usual I planned for some beaches and also some back waters of Allepy and then I when checked on Maps I realised there are few waterfalls just 40 mins drive from Allepy and planned to check them too.

The day 1 was so so amazing as my friend in Allepy arranged us some amazing Royal food and a very big thanks to their family and also they took us around in their vehicle and showed the life and culture in the Kuttanad Taluk... We loved the backwaters and every scene gave us so beautiful and fresh feelings..

We also visited the Patharimanal island and spent some time there among the greenery. We hired a boat at 100 rs per head to reach the island from the shore.

We visited many churches and also visited couple of Waterfalls called as Aruvukuzhi and Arivickal Waterfalls and not to mention once again the hospitality in which we were hosted. I will live with this memory for ever.

The backwaters of Kuttanad

Chettan enjoying his cycling in a colorful Lungi

Florence Church

The Amazing hospitality we received, Breakfast Scenes

Dinner Scenes

Patharimanal Island

Aruvickal Waterfalls

Aruvikuzhy Waterfalls

The start to Allepy from Bangalore in train

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  1. The pics are a visual treat! Keep up the great job of exploring new places and saving our planet from plastic.